Then: Lightning, thunder, and fire from Heaven.

Today: Rockets lighting up the sky, Iron Dome, fire bombs.


Then: Mount Sinai shaking and trembling from G-d's presence.

Today: Houses shaking and windows shattered by explosions and riots.


Then: Mount Sinai hoisted over our heads to accept the Torah- 'kfiyat har kegigit'.

Today: Forced into bomb shelters, we go underground.


Then: Woken up early to receive the Torah.

Today: Can't sleep a full night. (So perhaps we hardly felt learning all night on Shavuot?).


Then: "Well, what does it say in it?", The B'nei Yishmael, the Arabs, refused to accept the Torah.

Today: Hamas rejects and scorns the Ten Commandments.



Then: We count the Days of the Omer.

Today: We count the numbers of rockets, hits, misses, and interceptions.


Then: We bring our 'first wheat' and colorful fruit to Jerusalem for the First Fruits, Bikkurim.

Today: Our crops and fields of wheat in the Gaza Belt are burning.


Then and Today:

We accept Hashem's Torah and acknowledge our eternal covenant between

Hashem and the Nation of Israel. We are grateful for all miracles and

hashgacha (Divine Providence) that we see and feel so strongly. The eternal

covenant, brit olam, continues and will be eternal.


Then and Today:

We stand together, strong, and united–One man and one heart

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